Rosetta Course lets you Learn a Foreign Language on the Go

rosetta.stone-androidIf you’ve ever wanted to speak in a foreign language, Rosetta Stone has always been an excellent program to use. Rosetta Course is the company’s foray in to the world of Android, and it’s hands down the best way to learn a foreign language on your mobile.rosetta.course-1 Rosetta Course makes learning a foreign language a breeze as it teaches through pictures, text, and sound.  Each language has its own set of lessons that range from teaching you basic phrases like boy eating & woman drinking to more complex skills like reading and writing. The Rosetta Course isn’t boring either; you get to hear each phrase or word along with a corresponding picture before speaking it back to the app and being graded on your efforts. By the numbers, Rosetta Course offers up around 24 different languages including Italian, Russian, English, Korean, and Swedish just to name a few. Rosetta Course is by far the coolest language app for Android and as someone who’s used the PC version it’s great to see the app on our favorite platform. You’ll have to set up a free account with Rosetta Stone to use the app, but doing so lets you try several lessons from each different language pack. If you want to do a complete course you’ll have to buy it through the Rosetta Stone site before being able to use them in the app. They aren’t cheap either unless you consider a couple of hundred bucks per language pocket change. If you want to give it a go, Rosetta Course is free to download on Google Play.

Rosetta Course

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