Just a couple of days ago Angry Birds creator Rovio teased Angry fans over the world with an image indicating that a mysterious new character would be entering the world of the Angry Birds franchise. The image showed a pair of cute but slightly angry eyes with luscious long lashes and the accompanying words “who turned out the lights” which led many to speculate that the lashes were definitely that of a female character. However, it wasn’t known at that time if the eyes in question belonged to an Angry Bird or one of the mischievous pigs in the series. Rovio have now stepped forward and confirmed however that the mysterious character is indeed a female character and is a new addition to the family of angry pig chasing birds. The company have also moved to unveil that this new female character will not be appearing in Angry Birds Space along with the Red Planet update but, instead will make her debut appearance in the previously released Angry Birds Seasons game. As well as announcing the new character, known simply as ‘Pink Bird’, Rovio have released a video trailer showing their new girl off. In the video we can see that ‘Pink Bird’ is a bubble blowing pink Angry Bird who, whilst mindlessly blowing some bubbles spies the pigs devising ways of stealing the Angry Bird’s eggs. In the video we see ‘Pink Bird’ thwart the teacher and piggy pupils by blowing an egg shaped bubble to distract them and run them off a cliff. It’s unknown whether this new power will actually make it into the game, or if it is just for the purpose of the trailer but, a bubble blowing lady bird with a bit of a temper should be an egg-citing addition to the Angry Birds world we think.

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