Rovio releases Bad Piggies for Android

After several teasers from Rovio and eventually a viewing of a preview trailer, Rovio have now released their latest mobile game Bad Piggies. While the game focuses around the green piggies that feature in the popular Angry Birds series by Rovio, Bad Piggies is being dubbed as a sibling game rather than a spin off to the Angry Bird games. The trailer revealed that Rovio intended to release this new game on September 27th and we’re pleased to confirm that there have been no delays, Rovio have released the game on time and it is available to download right now. On the Google Play Store there is a standard version of Bad Piggies which has already amassed more than 1000 downloads and more than 1000 ratings with an average of 4.7. Rovio have also released a HD version of the game. Surprisingly both the standard and HD version are both free to download on Android, although they are both ad supported. Now that the game has been released we know how the scoring system works within the game. Each level has three ‘goals’ and you need to do each one to get a star. All levels consist of gathering a piece of map which is required to complete the level with one star. The other two are earned by collecting one box and completing the level within a specified time frame. Other levels don’t have a time frame but, have two boxes that need to be collected.  To get the boxes and piece of map in each level you need to construct your vehicle and some levels have extra ‘accessories’ to help you along, such as a fan to push you along. There are 60 levels within the game.  

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