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Rovio releases Cherry Blossom update for Angry Birds Seasons

by On

Those Angry Birds we all know and love so well just got an update with the newest release of Angry Birds Seasons. No, they haven’t blasted off into Space just yet, but you can help them pop some piggies in the tranquil setting of the Japanese Cherry Blossom festival. The Cherry Blossom Festival update gives gamers 17 new pig-popping levels to enjoy, and it’s all set during hanami in Japan. If you’re not familiar with hanami or the Cherry Blossom festival it’s basically the time of year over there where the trees fill out and start spreading cherry blossoms all across the land or something like that. Actually, after watching last week’s Eastbound and Down it’s hard to visualize anything but Stevie when I think of “Cherry Blossoms” now. I did become a little burned out on those birds last year, but I’m digging the new Asian themed update. The only thing that would have made Cherry Blossom better is if Rovio had added the song Twisted Nerve from the Kill Bill soundtrack for the background music.

Final Thoughts…

Either way you slice it, Cherry Blossom is a great new update for Angry Birds fans and a nice lead-in to the update I’m waiting for that sends our feathered friends into outer space. If you feel like flinging a few birds, you can head on over to Google Play (that sounds so weird) and pick up Rovio’s Angry Birds Seasons for free.

Cherry Blossom Stevie not included…