Rovio to Send those Angry Birds to Mars

As NASA take a step into the unknown by landing on Mars with it’s Curiosity rover space vehicle, Rovio have also jumped onto the space wagon by announcing that their ever popular Angry Birds are also on the way to Mars in the near future. Presumably, NASA will actually find life on Mars with Curiosity although there are many doubters out there. Also presumably, these doubters don’t realize that there just has to be life on the red planet in the form of egg stealing piggies or else there would be no scheduled launch that would see the famous Angry Birds arriving to defeat said pigs, would there? Entitled ‘Angry Birds Space: Red Planet’, it isn’t solidly confirmed yet as to whether this Angry Birds installment will be a stand alone game or if it will be an update to the already released and the fastest selling mobile phone version of a game to date: Angry Birds Space but, the new title does suggest that we should expect an update to ‘Space’ as Rovio do seem to be indicating this and they are a company that likes to release multiple updates to their games. Either way, we’re expecting a whole new Mars adventure and we’d love to see new characters too, surely we can have some ‘official’ Rovio Angry Martians this time around. Perhaps modeled on the real life Martians NASA themselves are on the hunt for up on the red planet.

Although pricing details haven’t been released yet, hopefully the game/update will still be available for free, even if it means coping with an ad supported version. There will most probably be the paid-for version available too if ads are something you prefer not to be dealing with whilst enjoying your game. Angry Birds Space: Red Planet is expected to arrive on the Android platform this coming Fall.

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