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Rubicon Development releases Great Big War Game for Android

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The best strategy game on mobiles came back with a vengeance yesterday as Great Big War Game from Rubicon Development finally hit Google Play. The generalissimo is back, and he’s ready to lead you on an adventure full of mayhem… and humor! Great Big War Game is the sequel to Rubicon’s original Great Little War Game, and part deux has all the things you know and love from the original. The single player campaign has been expanded, there’s a brand new online multiplayer setup, and plenty of other cool stuff to keep you busy as you attempt to help the Generalissimo. If you’ve never played this beastly little game no worries as there’s a full in-game manual and some great tutorials to help get you started. Great Big War Game features 50 missions in the single player campaign, online asynchronous multiplayer, and Pass n Play.


I am a huge fan of the original Great Little War game and was beyond excited to hear that Great Big War game was headed my way. While I haven’t had a chance to play this one yet you can bet your bottom dollar it’s as solid as the first and well worth the $2.99 price tag. If you’re ready to be blown away and blow a few people away head on over to Google Play and pick up Great Big War Game from Rubicon Development.

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