Rumor confirmed: $200 Android laptop on the way

laptop Intel revealed that a new generation of $200 Atom processor powered laptops will actually be running Android OS instead of windows 8. Of course Intel would like to see Windows 8 used in the lower end laptop market but the determining factor in the end will be Microsoft’s price point. We can be fairly certain that Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be more expensive to deploy than Android. baytrail There has been no report on what these laptops will look like but there has been talk that Intel is working on a laptop that can be converted to a tablet. Since the Bay Trail Atom processor was designed for tablets it will work wonderfully in light weight and thin laptops. We could be seeing innovations in size, weight, and also functionality with the combination of Android and the laptop form factor. These new laptops could be as thin as 0.3 of an inch and have battery lives that last all day with week long standby power. The good news is that since the Bay Trail processors use x86 architecture; the majority of the software that you already use should also work with adjustments to the Android OS. The idea of unifying of our mobile devices through the Android OS is exciting. The question is whether or not this idea and its products will be able to compete with the already entrenched Windows market. The other obstacle that will need to be addressed is the large movement that users are making away from the laptop form factor itself. $200 is very low and attractive starting price that will make consumers question what exactly they need from a mobile device. Source-

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