Rumor: HTC Thunderbolt to Receive Gingerbread by June 30

HTC Thunderbolt owners are anxiously awaiting the day that HTC and Verizon decide to push out the Android 2.3 upgrade, but both parties have been relatively quiet regarding a possible timeframe for the important update. Fortunately, AndroidandMe received a tip in the form of an internal Verizon Wireless screenshot that posits the Thunderbolt will receive Android 2.3 by June 30. The update is said to bring Android 2.3.4, video chat to Google Talk app, Skype Video, Amazon Appstore, and Sense will be upgraded to 2.1. As of now, only the Google Nexus S has the ability to video chat within Google Talk, so this feature will definitely make a nice addition to users looking to maximize the utility of the Thunderbolt’s front facing camera. If this rumor turns out to be true, we will likely hear more official news about the update as we get closer to the expected roll out date of June 30. Keep your fingers crossed, Thunderbolt owners!

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