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Rumor: Is This AT&T's Version Of The Galaxy S II?

by On
BGR exclusively received an image in which they claim to be AT&T’s upcoming flagship device.  Any smartphone touted as a flagship device is not something to be taken lightly.  If the image above truly is the next best thing to hit AT&T, then we should likely expect the specs to be industry-leading in every category. The image you see above lacks branding, but BGR says it is currently being manufactured by Samsung.  Samsung is about to launch the Galaxy S II in the United States in August, so could the rumored image be AT&T’s rendition of the Galaxy S II?  From the picture, all we can tell is the presence of a QWERTY Slider keyboard as well as a front facing camera.  The screen, however, does look large and is likely 4.0 inches, 4.3 inches, or even 4.5 inches.
If this actually is the Galaxy S II on AT&T, I imagine we will be hearing more rumors and leaks in the shortly enough.