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Rumor: Motorola To Launch WX445 On Verizon

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Verizon currently only sells high end Android devices from the likes of Motorola, HTC, and LG. However, there are plenty of people who want to experience Android without having to spend $199 on a high end device. Engadget managed to get a hold of a leaked image, which shows the unannounced Motorola WX445. The WX445 is not the official name of the device, rather the internal name inside Motorola HQ. According to the person who leaked the phone, it’s “not a very impressive phone” and is similar in form factor to the Palm Pre Plus without the physical keyboard, except that it is cheaper looking. The phone is said to have 2.5 – 3 inch touch screen with an unknown MP camera. It does, however, run Android 2.1 and runs some form of MOTOBLUR. Perhaps it is set to replace the Motorola Devour or at least be a cheaper alternative to it. Either way, I wouldn’t mind a cheap $50 Android phone on Verizon, would you? Hopefully we will hear more about the WX445 in the coming days and weeks.