Rumor: Motorola’s Next Tablet Will Be The Quad-Core “Kore”

Two days ago, Motorola scooped up five new domain names:,,,, and  Usually when a company purchases the right to multiple domain names centered upon a common name, it is going to launch a product of that moniker.  In this case, we have Motorola purchasing five domain names centered upon the name Kore, which sounds a lot like (and looks like) Core.

Now, Motorola has been reportedly working on a successor to the Xoom tablet in the Xoom 2.  It is likely Motorola is going with a different name/approach this time to create more buzz and excitement.  With the Xoom 2/Kore, Motorola was rumored to be using NVIDIA’s latest processor — the Kal-El processor, which is a quad-core processor.  If  Motorola is indeed going to employ a quad-core Kal-El processor in its upcoming tablet, then the moniker Kore makes a lot of sense.

Of course, this is a lot of speculation, and the Kore name could actually be for a mid-range Android smartphone that no one would really care about.  Hopefully, we’ll hear more rumors in the near future regarding the Motorola Kore.

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