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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S IV photo leaked online

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Samsung Galaxy S IV leakHere we go with another Samsung Galaxy S IV rumor. There’s a new photo flying around the web that’s rumored to show the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV, and as you can see it doesn’t look all that different from the previous model which tends to lend a bit of authenticity to the Galaxy IV photo leak. As you can see from the Galaxy S IV photo the S3 and S4 look basically the same, minus that big ol’ home button. If the picture is legit this means we’ll be getting on-screen buttons which will please a lot of folks but frustrate others as some of us like that big button. You’ll also notice that the bezel appears thinner on the Samsung Galaxy IV photo which means we’ll see a bit more screen real estate which is never a bad thing. The Galaxy S IV photo hasn’t been confirmed as 100% accurate, but SamMobile is known as a pretty reputable source, and it’s not like they showed us a bendable phone with a holographic display. I’m guessing the pictures are pretty close to accurate, but this is not the final product we’ll see…just my take. We’ll keep you informed as more rumors and leaks come about, and there will be a lot of them between now and when the Samsung Galaxy IV is finally released. Source – SamMobile