Run a Meatpacking Plant in Game the News’s Cow Crusher for Android

Game the News is certainly one of the more interesting developers out there as they fashion games out of real world events. Their previous games have touched on issues like Global Warming, Uzbekistan cotton pickers, and Syria. Cow Crusher is their latest game, and it’s all about cattle and horses…

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s been a pretty big dust-up over horse meat getting into beef in the UK and abroad. Cow Crusher takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the matter by putting you in a meatpacking plant of sorts where you’ll run a monstrous mechanism known as the Cow Crusher. Using the Cow Crusher is simple; as cows come down the assembly line you’ll want to press the proper symbol to crush the cow into its proper form. For instance, if you turn a cow into a hamburger instead of a steak your score will drop, and it’s going to happen more often than not as things speed up. The game is over if the Beef quality drops too low from fouling up orders or for letting Horse meat go through.

Cow Crusher is another “real world event” type of game from Game the News, and it’s surprisingly fun considering there’s not much to the game. There’s no online leaderboards, levels or ads (thankfully), just simplistic cow crushing fun. If you’re in the mood to crush a few cows you can pick up Game the News’s Cow Crusher for free on Google Play.

Cow Crusher

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