Run a Town filled with Samurai in Kairosoft's Oh!Edo Town for Android

I’m not quite sure how this one got past me, but it looks like the fine folks at Kairosoft have released another Android game to whittle away all your free time called Oh!Edo Towns. Kairosoft has taken us to Outer Space, onto the Race Track, into the Office, and even to the Mall. Their newest game Oh!Edo Towns is a town building sim of sorts, but this town is located in the Edo Period of Japan. Basically you’re going to run a little Samurai Town which is enough to make me buy the game in itself. You get to run a town full of medieval Ninja’s & Samurai… just let that sink in for a minute. As usual you’ll get to place buildings and produce things, but to be honest that’s about all I know about this one as I haven’t played it yet and just stumbled across it yesterday when taking a break from played Sleeping Dogs on the Ps3. On that note, if you own a Ps3 I would highly recommend getting Sleeping Dogs as it’s beyond bad-ass.

Since playing Game Dev Story ages ago, I’ve been a Kairosoft follower and fan. Damn near all their games are good, and even though you basically do the same things in all of them some are obviously better than others. I’ve got no idea how this one will turn out as there’s not been a big fan response so far other than people talking about a FC issue that was just fixed in a very recent update. I’ll report more on this one after I finish out with Kairobotica; if you’re itching to get your hands on it now you can pick up Oh!Edo Towns on Google Play for $4.99.

Oh!Edo Town

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