Run through a Steampunk World in Noble Muffins Grudger for Android

The developers at Noble Muffin have released several Android games lately and today we’re going to take a look at Grudger. Its part Endless Runner, part Parkour game and 100% fun… Grudger is the tale of a free runner that delivers goods to customers in a dreary steampunk world. It’s a tough job where one slip up means game over, luckily for you Grudger has some mean Parkour skills to help you get through tricky spots. When you fire up a level Grudger starts running which is where the standard endless runner controls come into play. Swipe up and you’ll jump, twice gets you a double jump and swiping down makes you roll. The cool part about the control setup is that it gives you the ability to change directions and go backwards or bounce off walls to scale hard to reach spots. This turns the game into more of a platformer as you can go up or back to pick up any aluminum you missed. By the numbers Grudger offers up around 30 levels set across two different areas with more listed as coming soon. There are also “Easter Eggs” hidden throughout the game which is always a nice touch. I haven’t had much time to spend with Grudger, but I definitely like what I’ve seen thus far. The game has a cool Steampunky style and the layout of the levels has been refreshing compared to similar games I’ve played. It reminds me a lot of Clockwork Knight in a way which is definitely not a bad thing. There’s no free version to check out at this time, but you can pick up the full version of Noble Muffins Grudger for $3.00 on Google Play.


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