Run through the Clouds in RPS Dash for Android

rps.dash-android They say that running with scissors is dangerous, but how about running with Rock, Paper, and Scissors? Hamon manages to combine the two (kind of) with RPS Dash for Android, and it’s just as quirky as the name implies.rps.dash-1 RPS Dash is an Endless Running game that has you control a stick man that’s running for his life down a path through the heavens. What’s he running from? It looks to be a giant stickman of some sort, but it also looks a lot like a massive Isz from The Maxx. The gameplay is just like that of any other runner as you’ll swipe to move so you can avoid obstacles and pick up coins. What makes the game interesting is the Rock, Paper, and Scissor Gates you have to smash through while you’re running. Each gate has a symbol on top, and you’ll want to go through the corresponding RPS door. If the gate has a rock, you’ll want to go through paper, etc… It’s a rps.dash-2simple twist, but it works surprisingly well. RPS Dash also has some depth with its shop which allows you to buy fun power-ups like the Magnet Hat and Alter Ego. There’s also an equipment tab with several unlockable stick figures, but I’ve yet to unlock any of them yet. To say RPS Dash is a bit of an oddball would be an understatement. The music gives the game a frantic feel and while the gameplay is simple, it’s still a lot of fun. If you’re ready for a little runnin’ you can pick up Hamon’s RPS Dash for free on Google Play.

RPS Dash

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