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RunKeeper Pro Android App Available For Free Through January

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Even though running outdoors does not sound appealing to many, it is a great way to maintain fitness. Of course, you could memorize your route and map it out using an online service and then attempt to calculate the calories burned, average pace, etc, but there is a much more convenient method. If you own an iOS or Android device, then you’ll want to download the RunKeeper Pro app, which is free through January. Normally $10, the RunKeeper Pro Android App maps out your run, syncs it to your online account, offers verbal cues throughout the workout, and features an advanced coaching tool. Being an avid runner, I can definitely see the advantages to such an app. My only concern is running with a smartphone because I don’t want to get sweat on the device or drop it by accident. However, I already downloaded the RunKeeper Pro Android App and I will probably give it a spin later. Even if you don’t plan on running during the winter months, at least get it before January ends so you have it for the Spring.