Russia to Put Androids into Space

Russia is set to conquer the space, again, but this time, they intend to do it via Androids. Yes, I mean that literally: Russia is looking at putting robots into space as soon as next year. And this intel arrived via Russia’s state media, as in this is not a drill, not a joke, not a speculation, but the real thing. See, that’s why President Trump started the Space Force, he’s like 3 moves ahead, all the time.

Joke aside, as per Russian state media, the international space station, which is basically Russian like 90%, is currently preparing for FEDOR’s arrival. FEDOR is a robot created by Russian scientists for rescue work. That was its primary function, as lately FEDOR machines became capable of shooting guns and what not. According to  Russia’s space agency Roskosmos “komunikat“, a couple of FEDOR androids are to be sent into space in August 2019, as per RIA Novosti website.

This is nothing new, really, as NASA’s (most probably made in China) Robonaut 2 was sent to the international space station in 2011. Robonaut is a 330 pound humanoid robot, manually controlled, a drone of sorts used to execute simple (as in repetitive) or dangerous tasks on the ISS. The US also has 2 Mars rovers (still operational), while China boasts a lunar lander/rover on the moon. Russia too has a number of (now defunct) rovers on Mars and the Moon. However, these previous “robots” were shot into space as cargo. The new FEDOR androids (by the way, FEDOR is an acronym for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) will fly as crew members to ISS (as opposed to cargo), i.e. they’ll be able to drink complementary vodka during the flight, flirt with the stewardess, and when back on Earth to vote (for Putin) and what not. Also, the 2 droids are said to be capable of lifting weights, executing push-ups (?), and even fist-bumps. This is PR at its best from the russkies, if you ask me.


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