If you love Red Dead Revolver you’re in for a treat as Gameloft has released its iOS hit Six-Guns for Android. Are you ready to get down and dirty in the Old West Gameloft style? I know I was and here’s what I thought after giving the game a brief whirl… Six-Guns is a strange hybrid of Red Dead and a Glu Mobile game as you’ll quickly find out when you fire up the game. You get to ride around the desert, complete tasks, shoot stuff, and take on missions ala Red Dead, but the game is setup like an Android game with in-app purchases, leveling, regenerating health, etc.. The system works well actually, and it’s been fun to play so far. You can do a bit of free roaming, but most of the game seems to be mission based although you can kill random passerby’s, snakes or anything else you see lurking around. I also noticed a surprising amount of crazy looking weapons available; I haven’t gone through them all yet but will have a complete breakdown of the arsenal in my upcoming full review. Overall, Six-Guns seems to a very solid game and I for one am thrilled to have a good western game finally available for Android.


Graphically the game looks great, everything’s crisp and it’s fun just to ride around and look at things a bit. The gameplay & depth is there as well, but it can be a little glitch at times. I didn’t have any lockups or force closes, but the controls could definitely use some work. It’s not unplayable by any means, but it can be irritating at times. It seems as if some folks are having issues while others aren’t, and regardless of those issues Gameloft will get it worked out and I highly recommend checking the game out regardless. If you’d like to give it a run, you can pick up Gameloft’s Six-Guns on Google Play for free.

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