handy games end of the world sale It’s 2012, and contrary to popular belief some folks still thing we’re going to bite the big one on December 21st. HandyGames is getting in on the action with an End of the World Sale by discounting all their games across all platforms. I’ll start by saying if we’re going to bite the big one on the 21st I’m not sure too many of us will be sitting around playing video games. That being said… I know some HARDCORE gamers and that would probably prove that statement totally wrong. Regardless, if you’re looking to get your game on and want a deal Handy Games has put several of their titles on sale. Browsing their Android selections I’m seeing titles like Bulldozer Inc. Premium, Happy Vikings, Save the Puppies Premium, Tattoo Tycoon, and Super Dynamite Fishing for sale. Basically they seem to have put their entire paid or premium catalogue on sale for $0.99. Not too shabby… Everyone loves a good sale, and while we’re bound to see a slew of them between now and Christmas I like the fact Handy Games has a great sense of humor with their End of the World Sale. Well, we think think they’re joking… or maybe they know something we don’t? Either way if you’re looking to put up some games on the cheap you can hit link below and check out their Android titles.

HandyGames End of the World Sale

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