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Samsung and Google's Android Ice Cream Sandwich Debut Event Is Rescheduled for October 19th

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About a week ago, it was announced by Samsung that the event with Google needed to be rescheduled due to the passing of Steve Jobs.  For Android enthusiasts who hoped the Ice Cream Sandwich event would take away from Apple’s iOS5 and iPhone 4S’ thunder, they were quite disappointed.  Fortunately, Samsung and Google have quickly rescheduled the event for October 19th (just five days away) and it will take place in Hong Kong. If you can’t make the event in China, or simply want to follow along, then you’ll be happy to know Google will livestream the event over at  Considering the secrecy of Apple unveiling events, the fact that Google is willing to livestream their event shows quite a difference in mentality of Google and Apple.  In any event, Android-Apps will recap the information released by Google and Samsung.  Hopefully, we will see the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) running the highly anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich OS.