Samsung and HTC may be supporting ZigBee home automation

Zigbee home automation

Home automation sounds sublime; everything we want, at the push of a button. Whether at home or away, we could control the lights, set the temperature, and who knows how many other household tasks can be accomplished remotely.

ZigBee or not, an industry standard moving forward would be ideal.

The problem? We don’t have a unified service. Samsung appliances and phones have that ability, but then you’ve got to outfit your home in Samsung. That’s not always feasible, or desired. There are workarounds, but that’s quite a bit of tinkering, and the average Joe probably won’t want to do that.

Pocket Lint has learned that the ZigBee Alliance will be offering their service on Samsung devices, with HTC said to be very interested as well. If ZigBee isn’t familiar to you, that’s because it hasn’t caught on widely yet. Even though it’s been around for a decade, and claims “millions” of annual implementations, ZigBee has yet to become a recognizable brand. Using the 2.4GHz radio frequency and the R4FCE protocol, ZigBee is ideal for home automation.

Samsung is no stranger to ZigBee, either. They’re part of the Alliance, and have previously produced products using the standard. Pocket Lint also notes their source is mentioning a new line of home smartphones, which could simply be a device that operates at that 2.4GHz frequency, but has an interface which allows for home automation.

Interesting news, and we’d be happy for true home automation. ZigBee or not, an industry standard moving forward would be ideal.

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Via: Android Authority

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