Samsung’s CEO Announces 64-bit Capable Android Smartphones in the Future


After Apple announced the iPhone 5s which comes with a brand-new 64-bit  A7 CPU, Samsung’s CEO JK Shin told  the Korean newspapers that his company too will include in its future handsets a blazing fast 64-bit capable processor. Of course, what else can be expected from Samsung but to follow the example of an American company? Just kidding, maybe.

In an interview for Korea Times, Mr. Shin who is the co-CEO of Samsung, stated that their next generation of smartphones will come with 64-bit processing capabilities but when asked about a timetable, he was very vague. He actually said that the next gen 64-bit capable phones will not be available “on the shortest time”, end quote.

As you may already know, because it’s not classified information, the tech giant ARM (one of the biggest chip manufacturers in the world) is developing a 64-bit architecture on its mobile processors.


Hence,it is very possible that the future flagship in Samsung’s line of smartphones, the Galaxy S5, will be equipped with one of these babies,making Samsung,maybe, one of the first companies to implement the new  64-bit technology in an Android running device.

The new 64-bit capable chips are able to process data twice as fast as the current ones and this will improve dramatically the smartphone’s performance in demanding applications, like high end  games and Ultra High Definition videos (soon to come).


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