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Samsung Confirms Existence of Nexus Prime Through Cease And Desist Letter

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After the Samsung Galaxy S II launches, the next big Android superphone device will likely be the successor to the Google Nexus S.  There have already been several rumors confirming the new Nexus device and so far we know that it is called the Nexus Prime and some of its potential specs including the fact that it will run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).  Today, Samsung reportedly issued a Cease and Desist letter to an individual apparently in possession of firmware related to the Nexus Prime. Ironically enough, Samsung’s main intention and goal is to try and quell the leak of information potentially stored in the Nexus Prime firmware, but by issuing such a letter, Samsung essentially confirms the existence of the Nexus Prime.  The Nexus Prime is mentioned by name five times in the letter that can be read above.  So, unless the letter is completely fabricated and a Photoshop, there is very good reason to believe that Samsung is the manufacturer of the upcoming Nexus Prime smartphone. As of now, the Google Nexus Prime by Samsung running Android Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to hit the market sometime in October and will launch on Verizon Wireless.