Samsung Epic 4G Officially Available with Sprint for $249

A few weeks ago, Sprint announced that the Samsung Epic 4G would be available for general purchase starting August 31. Now that today is August 31, you can finally pick up the Epic 4G at your local Sprint store or for online purchase. Additionally, if you reserved your phone for order, it’s now time to pick up the device. On the Sprint online store, and in all physical retail stores, the Samsung Epic 4G is available for $249 on a new two year contract. However, it is worth noting the Epic is available through Amazon for $199, which is a savings of $50. Feel free to let us know in the comments if you picked up the Epic 4G and how you like the device. I’ve been privileged to use the Epic already and I am definitely impressed with the device, albeit a little pricey. Now let’s just hope Sprint can keep the Epic in stock and not face another HTC EVO 4G debacle.

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