Pretty much every week, another aspect of the Samsung Galaxy S III gets rumored adding to the hype of the forthcoming device.  For instance, just yesterday we saw a purported image of the Galaxy S III leak. The first two iterations of the Galaxy S have been successful, and there are high stakes for Samsung to deliver another impeccable device.  Today, we learned that the Galaxy S III will launch with Samsung’s proprietary Exynos quad-core processor, straying away from Qualcomm’s single chip solutions.  Samsung believes its own chips are of higher quality and boast of 4G LTE connectivity. The unnamed Samsung executive reported to Korea Times the fact that the Exynos will be pre-installed on the Galaxy S III, so it looks like we can write the quad-core processor off as a guaranteed feature.  Otherwise, we are expecting the Galaxy S III  to come with a 4.8 inch HD touch screen display, 1-2GB of RAM, 32GB of onboard memory, 8MP-12MP rear facing camera, 2-3MP front facing camera, and Android 4.0.  Lastly, there are some rumblings the GS3 will feature inductive charging out of the box, which would be a new feature in the Galaxy S lineup. As always, stay tuned for more information on the Galaxy S III as it becomes available.

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