Samsung Galaxy Gear Confirmed by Official, To Be Released on September 4’th

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Good news for all the tech maniacs out there, because today we have an official announcement from Samsung’s Mobile division vice president, Lee Young-hee about the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch to be released at IFA 2013, on September the 4’th.

The normal modus-operandi for Samsung is to keep absolutely quiet when releasing a new gadget and they like to let tech bloggers to fuel the rumor mill until the last moment. It’s a nice marketing strategy, like those Hollywood teasers and it seems to work like a charm.

This time, an unusual thing happened with the Galaxy Gear, because Korea Times just released the official confirmation of the gadget from a Samsung executive. Along with the smartwatch, the Galaxy Note 3 was also confirmed to be released on September the 4’th and Lee told us some juicy details about the gadget.

galaxy gear

So, here it comes : unfortunately, there is no flexible display on the Gear, as already rumored, and that’s a bummer; or at least, the first edition of the Gear will be as boring as your regular watch, because if we judge on earlier speculation following Samsung’s design patents leaked back in July, they are really working on flexible displays, along with LG; The announcement of a future edition of the Galaxy Gear featuring a flexible display is  like another teaser from Samsung, these guys are sneaky, I must give them that. But then again, if a follow up to the yet to be released Galaxy Gear will feature a cool flexible display, why would anyone buy the first edition?

Lee also told us that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is aimed to “enhance and enrich  the smart mobile experience”, to use Lee’s own words, and I don’t really understand this corporate blabber, but anyway, moving along with the story.

According to Lee, the Galaxy Gear is targeted to the younger audiences and “trend setters” and it appears like Samsung is taking Apple’s place when it comes to innovation.

As you can see, Samsung is betting on wearable devices in order to boost its slowing smartphone sales, it remains to be seen if they will be successful.

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