Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Specs Leaked


The latest and the greatest in wearable technology is expected to come from Samsung Mobile at IFA 2013 on September 4th (probably simultaneously with  the official launching of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3), in the shape and form of a “Galaxy Gear Smartwatch”. Basically, the smartwatch will be a tiny, wearable smartphone and today we have rumors about its tech platform.

Keep in mind that what we have here is an unofficial rumor, courtesy of the well known technology leaker Sammobile. So, the information should be taken at face value, don’t keep your hopes high, especially since the source is of the anonymous kind.

So, according to uncle Sam’s intel, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch will have a rectangular 1.67 inches wide AMOLED screen with a 320×320 resolution. It will run on Samsung Exynos 4212 dual-core CPU system on chip, with its processors clocked at 1.5 GHz. The GPU is rumored to be an ARM Mali-400 MP4.

For the rest of the specs, we know that the amount of RAM onboard is 1GB and the Samsung Gear Smartwatch will benefit from NFC connectivity, Bluetooth and will feature a mediocre 2 MP camera. Sad thing is, no flexible display for you, at least according to rumors, maybe Samsung will deliver a pleasant surprise, they are known for doing that from time to time.


Along with the rumors from uncle Sam, we have a Bloomberg report, which confirms the Gear Smartwatch launching date to be September 4th and also that Samsung holds a trademark for the Galaxy Gear, i.e. we have the  model number for the device, which is SM-V7000 (yet to be confirmed).

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