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Samsung Galaxy Mini Surfaces, Destined for MWC Announcement?

by On

Samsung has made a name for itself in the Android arena with its high-end Galaxy S lineup of smartphones and its high-end Galaxy Tab Android tablet. However, there is a pretty sizable market for mid-range devices which Samsung has made an entrance through devices such as the Samsung Transform and the Samsung Intercept. However, the Galaxy brand name itself isn’t associated with mid-range devices, but that could change very soon with an announcement of the Galaxy Mini. During Mobile World Congress, which takes place in mid February, the S5570, also known as the Galaxy Mini, is rumored to be announced by Samsung. The device is black with a green bezel and features a small screen (probably 3 inches) with a low resolution of 240×320. It features WiFi, Bluetooth, Android 2.2.1, TouchWiz, and microSD memory expansion. A rear facing camera of unknown MP can be seen in the image, but I doubt a front facing camera will be included. Again, if the Galaxy Mini turns out to be real, Samsung should make an announcement during MWC starting February 14.