Verizon Wireless customers are anxiously awaiting the triumphant launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus — and for good reason.  The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is going to be the first pure Google experience smartphone on Big Red as it features the latest version of Android — Ice Cream Sandwich.  Nearly as important is the fact that the Galaxy Nexus will be running top-of-the-line hardware coupled with great software. By owning a pure Google experience smartphone manufactured by Samsung and Google, you’re practically guaranteed to be running the latest software for upgrades to come. Moving on, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus recently gained approval from the FCC meaning it could launch with Verizon Wireless any day now.  The FCC report reveals that the Galaxy Nexus is packing Bluetooth, NFC, CDMA radio, and 4G LTE connectivity. The ball is in Verizon’s court now and hopefully they decide to announce the smartphone with relevant pricing and availability information sooner rather than later.

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