Samsung Galaxy Note III Appears on Picasa

Samsung Galaxy Note III Hold your horses, it’s not the smart phone itself, just a photo sample which looks like it was made with a Samsung Galaxy Note III. If we take a look at the photo’s specs,the 13 Megapixels camera sensor  that was rumored appears to be there. The Samsung Galaxy Note III was announced for September 2013 and as the date of its release comes closer, rumors are everywhere  and speculation about what the phablet will look like and what marvels of engineering will hide under its chassis abound. Today a photo supposedly taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note III surfaced on Picasa and it confirms the previous leaks about the cool 13 Megapixels camera available on the monster. Samsung Galaxy Note III The picture that was seen on a Picasa web album has a huge resolution of 2322 x 4128 pixels, translating into a 13 Megapixels sensor and a 16:9 image mode. According to its tradition which started with the first edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note, it seems like the Koreans chose to equip both their high end devices with the same shooter, in this case, the Samsung Galaxy Note III will share the same camera with Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S4. When analyzing the  EXIF file it seems very clear that the Samsung Galaxy Note III will use the exact same lens as the high end S4, namely an F/22 aperture  with a 31 mm lens. This is an excellent camera sensor which has proven itself in battle  and it makes a perfect pair with the lens on the Samsung Galaxy S4, which leads us to the conclusion that the Samsung Galaxy Note III will also be a wiz when it comes to taking pictures and videos. Also, this may be the reason Samsung decided an upgrade is not worth it, if something is not broken, it doesn’t need change, it’s a good philosophy. It may be premature to judge the Samsung Galaxy Note III performance from just a sample photo, since we don’t know anything about the lighting conditions and the like, but if we use the S4 as a frame of reference, the Note III looks like a winner in the photo department. The Samsung Galaxy Note III is rumored to have a 6 inches wide SUPER Amoled HD screen,an Exynos Octacore /Snapdragon 800 chipset and it will run on Android, of course. Source: Picasa          

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