Samsung Galaxy Note III Yeah, the Samsung Galaxy Note III seems to be playing with our nerves. Today a new photo of the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note III leaked on the internet, but this is not the first time  at all, let’s take a look. Back in April, a photo of the Note III first appeared in the wild, sporting a huge 5.9 inches wide display. Rumor was that the phablet will have a full HD  display and it will be powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 5410 Octa system on chip, sporting 4 Cortex A15 CPUs clocked at 2.0 GHz and the rest of the four used for not so demanding applications, Cortex A7s clocked at 1.7 GHz. Pretty cool specs, in theory. Again, with 3 GB of RAM  and JellyBean on board, it looked pretty sexy. Well, that was in April. Samsung Galaxy Note III Later on in June, like 2 weeks ago, guess what, the wild snorlax, I mean the Samsung Galaxy Note III, appeared again from the woods. This time, a photo leaked, of a prototype device. Now, the digital paparazzi told us that the Note III will have a super AMOLED display, 5.99 inches wide, the same pixel density as the flagship S4, a 13 megapixels shooter and it will be powered by, surprise surprise, the Snapdragon 800 (love that baby) OR the Exynos Octa. My money goes on Snapdragon 800, all in. But that’s not the point. Samsung Galaxy Note III Yet, the show wasn’t over, yesterday ANOTHER photo leaked, along with some Antutu benchmarks, which showed the Samsung Galaxy Note III sporting the same CPU as the Samsung Galaxy S4, clocked at 1.6 GHz. I must tell you, I’m starting to get confused. Samsung Galaxy Note III Guess what, today we have another leaked story about a Samsung Galaxy Note III, along with a picture. This time, the Note III is shy and the picture presents it wearing a disguise, like a cover. But the design resembles very well the S4, just on a bigger scale . Samsung Galaxy Note III   According to the rumor mill and the common sense, the display should be a full HD 1080p and the Samsung Galaxy Note III should use the Snapdragon 800, or go bust! Source:Weibo

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