Samsung Galaxy Note III Will Be Able to Record Ultra High Definition Videos

Samsung Galaxy Note III

With less than two weeks left until the official release of the Samsung Galaxy Note III phablet at IFA 2013 on September the 4’th, rumors are abundant and more specific.

The latest hear-say about the Samsung Galaxy Note III is about its amazing video recording capabilities. Since it is expected for the Galaxy Note III to be available in two versions, one running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (most probably this version will make like 90% of the sales) and the other one featuring the in-house Exynos 5420 system on chip from Samsung, both processors will be powerful enough to permit ultra high definition video recording, also known as 4k.

This educated guess was made by the Korea Economic Daily, a Korean newspaper and even if we don’t have an official announcement from Samsung about this matter, it does seem plausible enough, because the Note 3 is perfectly capable of doing it. And, we know for a fact that Sony’s next flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z1 aka Honami will feature 4k video recording capability and it will come as a direct contender for the Samsung Galaxy Note III.

Samsung Galaxy Note III

Hence, if Samsung fails to deliver ultra high definition video recording on its high-end smartphone, well, it could affect its sales, so my money goes for 4k all the way in the Note 3.

Another hint about the Samsung Galaxy Note III 4k capabilities comes from its micro-SD card slot which will enhance its internal storage capabilities, because guess what : those 4k video files are huge!

Along with the high def video, the Samsung Galaxy Note III will come with a significant upgrade in its audio quality playback. Currently, the Galaxy line of smartphones supports 16 bit audio CD quality, the Note 3 will be in the “hi-fi” range with 24-bit/192 kHz sound quality.

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