In some unsurprising and underwhelming news this morning Samsung announced that the new Samsung Galaxy S III will be coming to the US in… June! Are you blown away by this news we already knew? If not, prepare yourself as Samsung also stated that the S III will be coming to all 5 major US. A bit underwhelming isn’t it… Sarcasm aside, anyone that’s breathing basically knew that the super phone would come to all the major US carriers, and we already knew it was coming in June. We we’re a little unsure about the specs though and Samsung did clear that up by stating that the phones will have the S4 1.5 GHz dual-core processors along with 2GB of internal RAM. Actually, we pretty much knew that as well, and as most sites have speculated the phones will all be identical with no carrier specific changes coming that we know of. They also announced that the starting price would be $199 which is a nice, standard price point. Basically, we learned next to nothing new and personally I as a Samsung guy and owner of a still kickin’ original Samsung Galaxy S I’m disappointed. It’s a bit frustrating that the US got left in the dust on this one, and the one bit of news everyone wants is a release date which we still haven’t gotten one yet. That being said, before I could even finish this article Verizon announced pre-orders will start on June 6th, and Sprint has sent out invitations to a Galaxy S III launch event  in Boston on June 12th. While an “event” and “pre-orders” still haven’t given us a concrete release date, we’re getting closer so hand in there. Check back for updates as I expect we’ll see a lot of Samsung Galaxy S III news this week.

Update –  T-Mobile has just announced you’ll be able to grab the Samsung Galaxy S III from them on June 21st. Sprint has also announced pre-orders on June 5th, beating Verizon by a day.

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