Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Most Loved Smartphone, According to Study

Samsung Galaxy S4 Today a new study revealed what I was suspecting for some time now, that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the apple of everyone’s eye, while Apple’s iPhone 5 received the most complaints from their customers. Ain’t that ironic, somehow? I am not kidding either. There is actually science behind this study. While with statistics you can prove anything, like 95.5% of them are untrue, let’s take a closer look at this issue. There is a company in this world, named “We are Social”, and they took the task of scanning blog postings and also Twitter, Facebook, forums,you name it. This “study” was like an online opinion poll and the results were somehow intriguing. The majority of the online postings are bashing the iPhone 5, since its launch in 2012, criticizing Apple for their technical issues with the power socket (one in 5 people are complaining about this actually) and also about their Apple Maps failure. Oh, I forgot, people were also upset about the lack of innovation in the latest iPhone, which was perceived as “nothing new, nothing to see here, moving along”. Apple’s power socket issue was one of the stupidest things a company can do, as they replaced the old connector socket , making older chargers obsolete, and then they charged extra for an adapter. I mean, how greedy a company can get, really? Apple is sitting on piles on cash, and yet, they want MOAR! Samsung Galaxy S4 The Apple Maps failure was also predictable, as they abandoned Google Maps, which worked just fine, and introduced their brand new Apple Maps, which sucked. As simple as that. Apple Maps sucked so much, that Apple themselves recommended “alternative mapping Apps ” (Google Maps, ahem), I mean, how pathetic is that? Another annoying issue was the poor quality of the iPhone 5 coating, which scratched easily, exposing the aluminum underneath, this problem became  legendary under the name of “scuffgate”, Apple denying its existence, as usual. Yet, according to the same study, Samsung Galaxy S4 received the least complaints over the internet. Most of its users are very happy with it. Also, Samsung Galaxy S4 had the most “Wow Factor”, with almost 60% of the discussions over the internet praising its new/innovative features, vs just 29% for the iPhone 5. Still, Apple benefits of the strongest brand loyalty, with 42% of the conversations focusing on the Apple brand rather than the device itself. “It’s an Apple, it just works” kind of thing. Source : Dailymail

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