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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini video by Three shows the smaller S4 in glorious details

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galaxy s4 mini It was just last Thursday when Samsung officially announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and now Three UK has posted the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini  video showing the said handset in all its glorious details. The video gives a detailed look at the Galaxy S4 Mini which as you may have known by now is a toned-down version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Mega, an upcoming 6.3-inch phablet to be released soon. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has a 4.3-inch screen which suits well the preferences of those who don’t want the bigger screen display of the Galaxy S4. While, it’s smaller than the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Mega, the Galaxy S2 is still bigger than the iPhone 5. Three UK mentioned in the video that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is bringing the same premium and best features of the Galaxy S4. Only this time, it’s smaller and lighter. But do remember that in terms of specs, these the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 mini a lot different from each other. The Galaxy S4 Mini for instance only has an 8MP camera and dual-core processor. The Galaxy S4 on the other features a great 13MP camera and quad-core processor. Still, if the difference in specs don’t bother you at all and size of the phone matters most to you, go ahead and feast your eyes on the Galaxy S4 Mini, as you wait for its release sometime in June. And do tell us if  the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini video has convinced you to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.