Samsung Galaxy S4 sales reach 10 million mark, that's 4 units per second sold

samsung galaxy s4 sales A couple of days ago, Samsung CEO JK Shin predicted that they will be able to sell 10 million units in less than a month. Today, that prediction just came true. Samsung today has announced that Samsung Galaxy S4 sales has now reached the 10 million mark. This beats the sales of the Galaxy S3 which reached the same mark in 50 days. The Samsung Galaxy SII achieved the same sales figures in 5 months and the Samsung Galaxy SI did it in 7 months.The Samsung Galaxy S4 was first made available for sale only on April 27. In short, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now the company’s fastest selling Galaxy S smartphone to date. The Galaxy S4 is currently available in more than 110 countries. But this will not stop Samsung from spreading the units as it plans to roll it out to another more than 155 countries in the coming days. This fast distribution of the Galaxy S4 helped in achieving the 10 million units sales. Samsung also announced that two more color variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be made available. These are the Blue Arctic and Red Aurora and then later on the Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn. The original color variants include the Black Forest and White Mist. Let us not forget that there will also be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition coming up. All those being said, it would be interesting to know how theS Samsung Galaxy S4 sales will increase in the coming days. Will you be adding to those figures by purchasing your Galaxy S4?

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