Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Will Reach 10 Million Units Next Week

samsung galaxy s4 sales

Things are going marvelous for the Korean company lately, and since the launch of their new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, there is even room for improvement, if you can believe that: according to Samsung’s CEO Shin Jong-Kyun, they are expecting the Samsung Galaxy S4 sales to reach and even surpass 10 million units next week. This impressive sales figure comes after only one month since the S4 hit the markets.

According to the Samsung’s CEO declaration at an industry forum in Korea’s capital Seoul, the Samsung Galaxy S4 sales are even better than the previous flagship, the iconic Galaxy S3. And keep in mind that the S3 was a hit in sales figures, the most successful smartphone ever produced by Samsung.

Now with the Samsung Galaxy S4 sales booming, the Koreans are pretty sure that they will exceed 10 million units sold until next week, as the S4 is selling like fresh baked bread. Actually, at the current sales rate, it looks like the S4 is becoming the fastest selling smartphone ever.

This huge commercial success is backed not only by the excellent engineering behind the product, but also by a cleverly orchestrated marketing campaign. Samsung learned the lesson the hard way from Apple, who is the master when it comes to marketing and product placement.

samsung galaxy s4 sales

Samsung’s marketing campaign was aggressive and it targeted the Apple fan base, focusing on the better hardware features in the S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 sales started in Korea on April 26 and in other 60 countries, including the US and China since April 27.

The S3 took 50 days to reach the 10 million units sold mark,  now with the oustanding Samsung Galaxy S4 sales figures, the timeline is almost half of that, which is remarkable to say the least.

You should know that 95% of Android’s profits for the Q1 of 2013  is because of Samsung’s huge commercial success, according to a market analytics company, Strategy Analytics.


Source: The Korea Times





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