Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (video)

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 has only been available for three months now, and as expected, it’s been met with critical acclaim. And now, we have another device joining the Galaxy S4 family — Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active, a rugged, and better handling version of the S4.

While there wasn’t a huge bevy of changes, the Galaxy S4 Active might just be appealing to those who shied away from getting themselves an original Galaxy S4. Regardless, since the device is now a member of the Galaxy S4 family, it’s only right that we pit them against one another and see how well they do!

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There isn’t much comparison to be had in the software department. After all, both of these handsets bring you the very same version of TouchWiz. The Active brings you that very same general experience that you might be familiar with on the Galaxy S4, however, if you need a rundown on all of the software features, check out my review on the original Galaxy S4.

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Video review

Price and final thoughts

And finally, we come to price. The Galaxy S4 Active is currently only available at AT&T for the price of $199 on a new two-year contract with the carrier. The same goes for the original Galaxy S4, though now that it’s been out for awhile, discounts are starting to surface. If you’d like to ditch the contracts, you can find both devices, unlocked, for $700, give or take.

And so, there you have it. The first S4 variant is a version of the original that can withstand some punishment. Otherwise, both are so similar that general users will probably find the same experience either way. If you wanted a better feeling S4, the Active is what you’ve been waiting for. And if for whatever reason your lifestyle requires a phone that can take some bumps and splashes, same story.

The S4 is the bleeding edge in this comparison, so that would be your trade off. In the end, it’s nice that if you felt like you were settling for the S4, there’s a new version out there that might pique your interest.

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