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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus, high-res tablet leaks

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It seems that Samsung is not going to be content with only one new tablet available in the market. If rumors are to be believed, the Korean manufacturer is looking to release the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus. The rumors regarding several Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets have been around since January, but among those the most interesting one is certainly the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus which is numbered as GT-P8200 is a tad bit more attractive than the rest of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 family, mainly due to the fact that it packs a high resolution screen. The 10 inch tablet is rumored to have 2360 x 1600 pixel resolution, which is more akin to the previously released Google Nexus 10. We were hoping that Samsung would do this as Asus has already been fast at work churning out Nexus 7 clones. Early benchmarking results suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus is supposed to be running on a 1.7 GHz Exynos 5 Dual CPU. And today thanks to Bluetooth SIG filing we came to know about a LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus, this tablet will have GT-P8220 as its model number. Usually when devices pop up on Bluetooth SIG, they are relatively closer to release. We are also hoping that Samsung will be gearing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus release soon. There is a little hurdle in Samsung’s way though and the company been directly responsible for creating it; the Galaxy Nexus 10. The 16 GB variant of Google’s uber tablet is currently priced at $399 on Google Play, and it’s up to Samsung to match that in order to gain traction. Samsung is known to drop additional functionality and utility aids like microSD card slots on its tablets, even so people will be more inclined to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus if it’s priced right. Source: AndroidAuthority