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Samsung Galaxy Tab Owns A Return Rate of 16%

by On

An interesting and frightening report is coming out of ITG Investment Research who is claiming the Samsung Galaxy Tab has around a 16% return rate in the United States. To put that number in some perspective, the Apple iPad has only a 2% return rate since it has launched on Verizon Wireless. ITG Investment Research has tracked over 6,000 wireless stores since the Galaxy Tab’s triumphant launch and has found the holidays caused the return rate to increase by 3% from 13%. What is causing this buyer’s remorse, considering the Tab is of high quality? First, Android 2.2 isn’t exactly optimized for tablet use, which has been heavily remarked by tech bloggers and Google. Second, CES 2011 saw many tablets being announced, so perhaps customers are returning the relatively expensive Galaxy Tab in favor of an upcoming LG G-Slate, Motorola Xoom, or Dell Streak 7 — just to name a few. With a seven inch touch screen, the form factor seems to imply it is portable, but it is still rather heavy and probably not as portable as Samsung imagined. A more telling statistic, in my opinion, is how many of these returners switched to an iPad, eReader, netbook, or simply hopped off the Tablet bandwagon.