According to a flyer received by Droid-Life, the long awaited Samsung Galaxy Tab with WiFi access only is expected to launch on April 4th for the appealing price of $399. The flyer was being handed out at a technology fair yesterday, and a visitor sent a picture of the flyer to the guys at Droid-Life. The WiFi only Samsung Galaxy Tab is appealing to customers for one main reason: it is naturally cheaper than a 3G version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Even if you opt for the subsidized price from a carrier, such as Sprint or T-Mobile, you still end up in paying a lot of monthly data fees. The Samsung Galaxy Tab with WiFi only would presumably be sold by a third party retailer, as opposed to direct from the carrier. I believe there is still a sizable market for the nearly six month old Galaxy Tab, albeit, it needs to launch soon rather than later.

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