Samsung Outsells Nokia in Finland

samsung outsells nokia Yes, this is unheard of, Samsung outsells Nokia  in Finland, when it comes to mobile phone sells. Pathetic, isn’t it?Can you believe that? Nokia used to be the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, there was “Nokia and the rest” kind of thing. The situation changed dramatically in the last few years and Nokia’s smartphone line is struggling to keep its head above the water. Until now, they were doing pretty good on their own turf, in Finland, now Samsung outsells  Nokia even there. Since Nokia lost its crown of being the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world to Samsung, they seem to have entered into the shadow. Recent statistics from IDC reported that Samsung sold more smartphones in Finland than Nokia themselves! As we speak, Samsung owns the biggest market share in Finnish country, with 36%, while Nokia lags behind with 33%. As you can see, the margin is relatively small, but it’s the principle of the thing that matters. The sad thing is that the Lumia line failed to impress even the Finnish consumers. Nokia had high hopes for their Windows powered devices, but until now they did not manage to make a difference. samsung outsells nokia   As you can see from the picture,the smartphone market in Finland is on the up and up ((Yhteensä), there were 587 000 mobile phones sold in the first quarter of 2013, from which 73% were smartphones. The smartphone industry is growing very fast, for example in  2010 only 150 000 smartphones were sold in Finland, and the number represented only 25% of the total mobile phone sales. Now it’s exactly the opposite. Back in the day, Nokia had 65% market share in their own turf, while Samsung was crawling behind with 12%. Payback’s a bitch, don’t you think? While Samsung outsells Nokia in Finland, Apple is not doing a great job either. They only have 14% market share in Finland, and the rest of 16% is divided between other smartphone manufacturers. Source :digitoday

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