Samsung Plans Galaxy S II Launch Event For August 29th In NYC

It looks like the highly anticipated announcement of the summer is going to happen on August 29th in New York City.  Earlier today, Samsung started to hand out press invitations to an exclusive event to be held on August 29th.  While the invite doesn’t really reveal too much information, it is worth noting that there is a not so subtle II located at the bottom.  In addition, Engadget discovered that the file image was named “Galaxy_S_II_Invite_v2.jpg.”  So, unless Samsung is just trying to screw with the media, there is very strong evidence this is the event we have been waiting a long time for.
With the Samsung Galaxy S II likely to be announced August 29th, it is likely we won’t be able to purchase on until the first few weeks of September.  When the event takes place, we’ll definitely keep you updating on all the information being announced.
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