galaxy s4 After Samsung Galaxy S4 appeared in a BBC Show where it was criticized for the lack of internal storage, the Koreans   promised they will try to improve the internal memory issue, by compacting the phone’s features and dedicated software, making available more space for the apps. BBC’s Watchdog show started an investigation regarding the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S4 after multiple complaints from its users. Samsung claims an internal storage capacity of 16 GB but in reality, about half of that is available for the regular user, the rest is “bloated” with Samsung’s own software and features. Samsung took the matter very seriously and the company spokesperson made a statement in which he acknowledged the issue and promised that Samsung Mobile will   take the necessary steps to correct it. Samsung will try to free the smartphone’s memory by software optimization, as they put it. After the first questions were raised by consumers, regarding the internal storage problem, Samsung replied that the issue appeared mainly because of the company’s effort to offer “more powerful features”, end quote. It’s like, for our own good, sort of speak, regardless the 16 GB advertised. Anyway, to be honest, there are few people who require that amount of free space on a smartphone, but it’s a matter of principle. Yesterday, a new version of the Galaxy S4 was announced at I/O, this baby will run only on Android, without Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. This “clean” version will be made available to the general public in June. The question is how much free space is to be gained without TouchWiz; we will have to wait a bit. The whole storage issue is no biggie if you take into account that, unlike the iPhone or HTC One, Galaxy S4’s memory can be easily expanded via micro SD cards of up to 64 GB. The only thing is that you can’t’ install apps on the SD, it can be used only for storage. Anyway, Samsung promised S4 versions with up to 64 GB of internal memory, but they will be more expensive and they are not available just yet.   Source : Yahoo  

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