Samsung rumored to be getting ready for 12.2-inch tablet launch ahead of Apple in 2014

Samsung Galaxy smartpad

Samsung has done a terrific job of covering pretty much all consumer market segments so far when it comes to both tablets and smartphones. It has products available in every level of the market, such as the entry-level segment, the mid-range segment, and of course, the high-end segment where phones like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Active comfortably belong. The Korea-based company can now rest on its laurels and simply watch all the money roll in as customers flock to buy its latest products, right?

Actually, Samsung just doesn’t work like that — as it has been revealed in the past — so instead, it is looking to conquer what looks to it as the next frontier: the market for 12.2-inch tablets. At least that’s what the latest batch of Samsung-related reports and rumors are suggesting.

According to a report that was published on the Korean ET News web site over the weekend, Samsung is currently getting ready to launch its own 12.2-inch tablet some time in the not-too-distant future, beating Apple which has also been rumored to have plans of making and releasing such a device in 2014. The report doesn’t give much in terms of detailed specs and release info, but it at least provides some data from unnamed industry insiders being cited as sources.

It is said that Samsung’s upcoming 12.2-inch tablet will feature a native resolution of 2560

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