Samsung Sells 12.5 Million Android Smartphones in China in Q1

samsung Yes, you got that right, Android rules Communist China, as the tech giant Samsung sold an impressive 12.5 million Android running smartphones in China in the first quarter of 2013. Samsung’s performance is even more impressive if you’re taking into account the structure and the type of the Chinese market. HTC, ZTE and Huawei are the top dogs there, or at least they should be. Why? Because it’s an emerging market, people are living on tight budgets and high end smartphones are not selling like iPhones in US. The Chinese smartphone market is for cheap phones, Apple itself is struggling to sell there, even if they produce at Foxconn, and the real price of an iPhone is probably one fifth of its asking price. And the Chinese know this, guess why? Because they made them, of course. Anyway, Samsung looks like it’s on a high horse in China, as they managed to dominate the market like no other smartphone manufacturer. No wonder they’re the number one worldwide. Samsung shipped 12.5 million smartphones in China in the Q1 of 2013, from January to March, breaking the record of being the first smartphone manufacturer managing to sell more than 10 million units in a three months period on the Chinese market. Thumbs up, Samsung, for that! This figure represents 18.5% of the market as we speak, with 2.2% more from Q4 of 2012.  Samsung managed to humiliate Huawei on their own turf, Huawei reported 8.1 million units sold. Also the Koreans are way ahead of Lenovo, a Chinese state owned company, which sold just 7.9 million smartphones. Next in line are Coolpad and ZTE, not to mention Apple, as they shipped only 6.1 million iPhones in Q1 of 2013. LG is insignificant on the Chinese market, with just 100 000 units sold, representing like a tenth of a percent market share. China is a major market, this is obvious, they have a huge population. Actually, China accounts for a third of the global smartphone sells and the figure is rising. Source: Korea Herald  

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