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Samsung Sells 300,000 Galaxy S Smartphones In South Korea

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In just 19 short days, Samsung has sold 300,000 Samsung Galaxy S smartphones in South Korea, which is an impressive achievement. The major rival of the Galaxy S smartphone is the Apple iPhone 4, which continues to outsell the Android device, but the race is tightening. It is important to note when Samsung introduces the Galaxy S phone in the United States, its global market share will increase heavily. The Samsung Galaxy S phone will be available on all four major U.S. carriers in different variations. In a bit of related Galaxy S news, latest reports indicate Samsung will be rolling out the Android 2.2 update to the Galaxy S in South Korea starting in early August. Custom UI’s such as TouchWiz 3.0 and Social Hub will be compatible with Android 2.2. Unfortunately, there is still no word when the American Froyo roll out will commence. Overall, it’s a good day for Samsung because 300,000 is a strong indication of the market in South Korea, not everyone is going to purchase an iPhone. Hopefully the Galaxy S will pick up momentum when all four phones are launched later this month.