Samsung Sells Three Million Galaxy S II Devices in 55 Days

While many of us in the United States can’t wait to get our hands on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II Android smartphone, it looks like the masses in Europe and Asia can’t get enough of the dual-core processor, Gingerbread toting Galaxy S II.  Samsung recently announced an impressive statistic regarding the sales of the Galaxy S II: three million smartphones were sold in the first 55 days of its launch. To put that number in some perspective, it took the original Galaxy S 85 days to reach the three million plateau, so the Galaxy S II reached it 30 days quicker.  Moreover, Samsung managed to sell a Galaxy S II every 1.5 seconds in order to reach the three million number.  It will be interesting to see the 2011 sales total for the Galaxy S II after it launches in the American market and additional markets.

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