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Samsung Singapore Facebook Leaks Image of AT&T's Galaxy S II Smartphone

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Given the impressive amount of success the Galaxy S smartphone received in the United States, it is no surprise that Samsung is ready to launch the successor — the Galaxy S II — in the United States. The device headed to AT&T is expected to be called the Samsung Attain, and it looks like Samsung Singapore has leaked the new Attain smartphone on its Facebook account. The Attain is shown off in a special cradle accessory that features HDMI out as well as 3.5mm inputs. The cradle isn’t nearly as important as the sleek looking smartphone inside of it. As you can see, the AT&T logo is etched onto the top of the device just below the external speaker. Hopefully we’ll find out more information such as pricing and availability regarding the Galaxy S II on AT&T in the coming weeks, as it should launch sometime this summer.